Heart 2 Heart Ranch begins each student with a one-on-one hour
long lesson, where Jeff and/or Trinity can get to know your
child/adult and build a program based on his/her needs, goals,
expectations, interests and level. The initial riding lesson costs $35.

Continued riding lessons costs are available two ways: Single pay
$35 per 1 hour lesson or Prepay $100 for four 1 hour lessons. H2H
does not charge extra registration fees; each lesson paid for will be
given at your convenience and preference of frequency.  

As students become more independent riders and maintain safety,
H2H also offers group riding instruction and activities, classes are
an option. The classes are set up for trailriding, obstacle courses
and gaming. Prices range from $80-$125 a month depending on
length of class.

H2H is committed to making lessons and classes available as an
affordable weekly activity.  Jeff and Trinity believe in the importance
of students experiencing the joy of riding as an alternative to other
popular sports. We do not require a registration fee as most Equine
facilities and will continue to provide the most economical way for
your family to further your riding experience. Siblings will be offered
lessons for $1
8 an hour..