Zions Bank
                          2008 Smart Women Grant Award
                      Small Business Startup and Expansion                               
                            Awarded Trinity Jackson-$3,000

Trinity Jackson is a former special education teacher with heart. Owner of the
newly created Heart-2-Heart Ranch in Parma, Idaho, Jackson teaches disabled
children to ride mules.

Unlike many programs that teach kids how to ride an animal around an arena,
Jackson hopes her program will give disabled children confidence by letting them
compete at mule rodeos and shows.

"We want to teach them from the very beginning to the end, so that at some point
they can be a little more independent and maybe own their own animal someday,"
Jackson says. "This will teach them responsibility and bring them self-confidence
and self-esteem."

A mother of three, Jackson used grant funds to purchase additional acreage for
the ranch near her home and to buy an arena so the kids can receive training

"We are trying to make it very affordable, like signing your child up to play T-ball,"
Jackson says. "We want whole families to be able to participate."  The program will
serve children across the spectrum of disabilities and in the future will include
curriculum for nondisabled siblings as well.
Jan 2, 2009
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